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501 Not Implemented

501 not implemented means the server will not support the ability that is required to fill the original request. This is the best fitted response when a  web server is not familiar with the request method and is not capable of supporting it for any resource. 501 not implemented defines when the web server does … Continue reading

504 Gateway Timeout

504 gateway timeout is a server error code that is received when serving as a proxy or gateway server. This typically means that it does not receive adequate responses from an upstream server that was specified in the URL. Such as LDAP, FTP, HTTP, or other forms of auxiliary servers that are needed to have … Continue reading

503 Service Unavailable

503 service unavailable means a web server that is showing this request can not handle any HTTP requests being made of it at the time because of maintenance being performed on the server, or the server has been overwhelmed with traffic and is denying requests of service. When receiving the <a href="http://servererrorcodes go to this … Continue reading

500 Internal Server Error

500 internal server error is possibly one of the worst error codes you can receive vytorin price. Why? Because it is bland and common. It means something has went wrong somewhere, but unless you have access to the server logs, finding it is always fun. The server in question, web server that is, shows the … Continue reading

101 Switching Protocols

The 101 switching protocol error code is one of the simplest http server error codes of them all. When you receive the 101 switching protocol code, it means the user that is making the request has asked a web server to switch the type of protocols in use and the web server has now agreed … Continue reading

403 Forbidden

403 forbidden http server code is received by the server as an understand request, yet is choosing to fulfill that request. Even in a case like this authorization will not suffice and the request is best not repeated. If a request being sent wasn’t a HEAD request and the web server prefers to make a public announcement … Continue reading

401 Unauthorized

401 unauthorized is received when a web server that is hosting the website that the user is performing the inquiry on is sent an HTTP information stream. The receiving client which is the web browser in this case has sent the request, yet failed to provide any authorization tests put before the request in order to allow … Continue reading

400 Bad Request


307 Temporary Redirect

307 temporary redirect server error code applies to a resource that has been requested under another URL than the source. A case like this for redirection can be changed on occasion, then a requesting client is recommended to continue to use a Request-URL in the future actions of request. A response is only saved by … Continue reading

304 Not Modified

304 not modified http server error code status messages are received when a requesting user has executed a condition specific request in the GET form. When this access is permitted and the original text hasn’t been altered, then the server usually responds back with the 304 not modified. This status code can not include the … Continue reading

302 Found Server Code

302 found http server code is a resource requested underneath a temporary URL since a redirect may need to be altered in certain situations. A client is recommended to continue a Request URL for any future requests and a response of this nature is only cached when indicated by the Expired field header or a … Continue reading

206 Partial Content

206 partial content server error codes are received when a server has complete a partial GET inquiry for the source being requested from (known as the resource). In a 206 partial content, the request is required to include what is known as a range header area (or field) which sets the preferred Range and can … Continue reading

100 Continue Server Code

100 continue server error code is generally received when all is going well with the server request. When this happens then the client is permitted to continue on with the request being made. This 100 continue server code is a temporary response that is used to provide feedback and inform the user making the request … Continue reading

502 Bad Gateway

502 bad gateway means that while performing as a proxy or gateway, the server received a non-valid response from the upstream server it accessed in the attempt to fulfill the request being made vytorin dosage. A typical pattern of a 502 bad gateway response being displayed includes a web browser client obtains the IP address … Continue reading

404 Not Found

404 not found server error codes are usually customized to the website showing the 404 not found error visit the website. In fact, this is one of the most customized error codes around. Generally speaking, the 404 error is a user generated error – meaning you typed the wrong URL into the search bar, or … Continue reading

301 Moved Permanently

301 moved permanently is a resource that has been requested and assigned a permanent and fresh URL. Future inquires to this newly made source is best to use a returned URL. Any users that have the ability to alter links should help in this process by editing the link and attaching the proper Request-URL to … Continue reading

200 OK Server Code

200 OK server code is probably the most famous server error code of them all. Why you might ask? Because no one ever sees it. The 200 OK server code means that the user submitted request has completed successfully. Any data or feedback that is returned with the server response is completely dependent on what … Continue reading