About Our Site

We started the ServerErrorCodes.com blog sometime back as we were IT workers and server administrators who were looking for ways to easily track the endless server error codes we received in our day to day work. Everyday when we got off work, we went home and started blogging and recording more information about the server error codes we would get at work, and put them here on the website.

As you can see it did not take long to grow into a well rounded resource for other network administrator, server administrator, computer technicians, webmasters, web hosting providers, and other IT pros to start bookmarking our blog and make it so popular for more information on these server errors that we had documented.

Today, ServerErrorCodes.com continues to grow and we continue to provide a great way to track additional information about server error codes here on our site. We know you will find our IT blog useful with additional information about these errors and some of the stories surrounding them. Have fun, and please don’t error out on us!