504 Gateway Timeout

504 gateway timeout is a server error code that is received when serving as a proxy or gateway server. This typically means that it does not receive adequate responses from an upstream server that was specified in the URL. Such as LDAP, FTP, HTTP, or other forms of auxiliary servers that are needed to have access to in order to finish the request being made of it.

A 504 gateway timeout server error display can be customized to each website that uses the message. In the case of the 504 gateway timeout code, most sites choose not to customize the message. Below are two of the most common ways the 504 gateway timeout is displayed though:

  • 504: Gateway Timeout
  • HTTP 504

504 Gateway Timeout Resolution

A 504 gateway timeout is the HTTP status message which means that a web server didn’t receive a response in sufficient time from another partner server that it was trying to access, all while attempting to load the web page being requested or fill another request by a web browser.

In order to resolve a 504 gateway timeout error, then the easiest way is to try and refresh the web page in your web browser to see if it was a momentary glitch on the website you are attempting to access. Another option is to come back in a few hours and try again in case the website was simply offline at the time you were trying to access it.

504 gateway timeout