401 Unauthorized

401 unauthorized is received when a web server that is hosting the website that the user is performing the inquiry on is sent an HTTP information stream. The receiving client which is the web browser in this case has sent the request, yet failed to provide any authorization tests put before the request in order to allow the resource attempted access on.

This 401 unauthorized error is better known as basic HTTP authorization. The form of HTTP authorization is what is expected of the client side server as placed in the authenticate portion of the header field in the WWW area.

The 401 unauthorized error code is best described as a situation when you are attempting to login to a website such as a bank account website or email website, where you have to enter a username and password to authenticate past the core landing page. Most of the time the 401 error code is displayed when these login credentials have been entered incorrectly unless otherwise customized by the website owner. This same error code can be displayed not only with incorrect credentials, but also if the user account has been suspended by the system administrator can display the 401 unauthorized.

401 Unauthorized Display:

  • 401: Unauthorized
  • HTTP Error 401 – Unauthorized

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