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403 Forbidden

403 forbidden http server code is received by the server as an understand request, yet is choosing to fulfill that request. Even in a case like this authorization will not suffice and the request is best not repeated. If a request being sent wasn’t a HEAD request and the web server prefers to make a public announcement … Continue reading

401 Unauthorized

401 unauthorized is received when a web server that is hosting the website that the user is performing the inquiry on is sent an HTTP information stream. The receiving client which is the web browser in this case has sent the request, yet failed to provide any authorization tests put before the request in order to allow … Continue reading

400 Bad Request


404 Not Found

404 not found server error codes are usually customized to the website showing the 404 not found error visit the website. In fact, this is one of the most customized error codes around. Generally speaking, the 404 error is a user generated error – meaning you typed the wrong URL into the search bar, or … Continue reading