101 Switching Protocols

The 101 switching protocol error code is one of the simplest http server error codes of them all. When you receive the 101 switching protocol code, it means the user that is making the request has asked a web server to switch the type of protocols in use and the web server has now agreed and informed the request that it will permit this.

In this case, the server is complying and understands the user’s request being asked of it, and it communicates this back via the message header field for any change in protocol the application is currently using on the connection that is established. What is known as the “Upgrade” header field communicates this in the line that immediately follows the empty line in the header before terminating the response.

Finding The 101 Switching Protocol

So just where would you see the 101 switching protocol server message helpful? Remeber, the 101 protocol is best to only be switched when it is in the best interest for the protocol to do so. As an example, when you are switching to a new HTTP version that is better and cleaner than older versions, and when you are switching in real-time, then synchronous protocol like this may be better for delivering data with features that require it to display the 101 switching protocol.

101 Http Error Code