100 Continue Server Code

100 continue server error code is generally received when all is going well with the server request. When this happens then the client is permitted to continue on with the request being made. This 100 continue server code is a temporary response that is used to provide feedback and inform the user making the request that the transmitted packets have been received by the server and have not been denied at the moment.

In such instances, the user making the request should continue on with this request that resulted in the 100 continue server error code by sending the remaining requests if it has not been completed yet, then just ignore the 100 error code response. It is required of the server to send a final response once the initial request has been finished with no further packets sent.

The 100 Continue IT Story

A funny story on this 100 continue server error code was when we heard about this guy in a IT department for a local business kept getting this feedback in his web browser on a Windows server box, and actually thought someone was trying to hack his web server. Little did he know that this 100 server error code was business as usual and could have continued on without alerting his entire department to be aware of any abnormal activity for the “100 continue” code. True story!

100 Http Server Code