Server Error Codes

Home of server error codes details, information, and great stories in technology surrounding servers in the workplace. We started this website sometime back about the trouble we would have working on servers, no matter what type, but mostly web servers. Considering most of us are webmasters, and encountered server error codes only a frequent basis, it made perfect sense to put together a site to track the different codes each of us received. When we slapped the website up on the Internet, it did not take long at all for many other people to find our reference site for the error codes useful.

Everyday more websites are coming online. More blogs, more SAAS services. All of this means more server errors to encounter for certain. It is funny that the further we go into the future of technology, then the further we go down the rabbit hole of bugs and errors as our technology becomes more complex.

A Server Error Code Resource

No matter your search, we are certain you will find more information about the server error codes you are after. We have thoroughly documented each error code, and most you will find has a great story behind how we came across the server error code in the first place. Our website has been called a great server error code resource by other professionals in the industry like webmasters, server administrators, computer technicians, and network administrators.

You can start to use our error code list to your left which is sorted in numerical code order. We know just how hard server error codes can be to track down and resolve. Hopefully will help you on that journey of finding answers to what ails your server and gives you the information and tools you need to start finding the solution and be able to resolve the server error code you have encountered. Best of luck in your research and resolution of the server error code you are searching.

Server Error Codes